Friday, July 4, 2014

Syllabus – Patrol Leaders' Training Course

  1. What is Patrol System
  2. How to promote Patrol Spirit
  3. Patrol Name,Patrol Animal/Bird,Patrol Emblem,Patrol
    Stripe,Patrol Cry-Song-Yell,Patrol Flag,Patrol
    Corner, Patrol Signature etc.
  4. Patrol Leader and other members
  5. Duties and Responsibilities of PL & PL II
  6. Patrol Meeting
  7. Patrol in Council
  8. Court of Honour (COH)
  9. Other Patrol Activities – Patrol Camp, Patrol Outing,
    Patrol Hike,Patrol Projects, Kim's Games etc.
  10. Patrol Records and How to maintain them
  11. Hand & Whistle Signals and formations
  12. Knots,Hitches, Lashings up to DS Level
  13. BP's 6 Exercises
  14. First Aid up to DS level
  15. Ceremonies- Flag Ceremony, Camp Fire, Investiture
  16. Troop Meeting
  17. Scheme of Advancement of boy scouts.
  18. All Faith Prayer
  19. Proper Uniform

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